Indonesia Historical Google Traffic Data

Is there a way to check how long does Google Maps Traffic Scraper historical dates back? I’m testing important peak season in Indonesia which caused heavy traffic jams in Merak Port region (-6.022538, 106.092980 to -5.934933, 106.001658) with these timeframes:

  1. 2019/06/01 01:00:00 UTC to 2019/06/02 00:59:59 (Eid’s Peak Movement at 2023), first file
  2. 2023/04/20 01:00:00 UTC to 2023/04/20 00:59:59 (Eid’s Peak Movement at 2023), second file

Both outputs similar duration of traffic queue with today’s timeframe (2023/12/12 06:00:00 to 2023/12/12 07:00:00, third file) of average 22 minutes, which is implausible because in Eid’s peak movement, the duration of the traffic must be greater than 1 hour, but other parameters are quite correct such as ways and its distance.

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Can someone verify whether I had misteps in operating the application?