Add Feature to get Tripadvisor reviews in all languages

Hello! After testing Tripadvisor Reviews Scrapper. I’ve noticed that the reviews are just in English. It would be great if you can add the feature to get Tripadvisor reviews in all languages written by different customers
Thank you!

Hey Nigar,

I tried to scrape reviews in Turkish and it worked. The result file has all Turkish reviews. Why did you think that it can work only in English? Can you please share more details about your task?

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Hello Yunus,
Thank you for your reply. I wanted to scrape reviews in Arabic and I contacted Support team. They actually replied that they is no that feature.

Thank you.

Can you please share the TripAdvisor link that you want to scrape?


Nigar I checked it. Thank you. I want to ask you that do you want to scrape only Arabic ones. So you need the option to scrape reviews with specific language? Because If I scrape all reviews from this link there will be English reviews and Arabic reviews on same result file.