Adding the option to show if user chose to hide thier review on google maps

Hi team , can you make this available?
I feel there is a lot of value to it

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Hey Arbiv,

Thanks for the idea. Can you please show us how can you detect manually on Google Maps? :slight_smile:

Hi Yunus,
thank you for the reply i will share 2 examples here-

user who share his reviews with public

-----------Google Maps

user who don’t

-----------Google Maps

the text you get from google if user don’t share is

This user hasn’t uploaded any photos yet, or has chosen not to show them on their profile.

I got it. Thanks for sharing it with us. I will inform our developers about your request. Why scraping that information is important and has a lot of value?

identify spam with a simple formula

Arbiv, what is the best scenario for using that scraping service? Adding contributor list to service and scraping it?

adding this option by default to Google “map review” report. this is as important as user image etc…

Hi Yunus, can you confirm if you are planing to add this option?