Change response status

It would be helpful if once a request has been completed it could say “Complete(or anything besides the same thing as a pending request)”

{"id":"xxx","status":"Complete"} instead of {"id":"xxx","status":"Pending"}

This is from the following URL

Thanks for your feedback TRonin81. I will inform our team about it :blush::handshake:

Hello @TRonin81,

Once the task is finished the status of the request will be “Success”. An important thing here is each response is available for 2 hours after a request has been completed. Once the response is expired the status will be “Pending” again.

Considering this information, could you please elaborate on the problem?

Thank you!

Hi @vlad

The problem is that outscraper fails to process tasks after multiple hours of waiting. I would like to know if the request was actually “completed” or if the request is actually “pending”. I don’t understand why a task that has been completed would ever be marked with the same status as a task that has not been completed.