Changing Tags and Titles for Tasks?

Right now there’s no way to change the TAG/TITLE after you’ve run the scrape. In fact, there should be a TITLE field, which is different from TAGS. How else are we supposed to organize our scraped results?

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Thanks for your feedback and the great idea. I will share it with our developer team.

If you have both a title and a tag, how will you use it? Can you tell us a little about it?

Have a great day :blush:

Hello @Superhero_Ninja,

Thank you for the feedback. It sounds like an interesting use case, but could you please elaborate more on why it’s important for you to update the tags once the tasks are finished? Why do you need additional tags (titles)?

The titles would be valuable.

These batch # mean nothing and seem like a waste of space. If we could set a title before scraping we could have it displayed here instead