Checking a list of sites for content

HI - I have been using outscraper for a while. I have a pre defined list of sites and I wanted to check all of those sites to see if they contained a certain word.

Ive been running this on google search scraper and I put in a long list like this keyword keyword keyword keyword

This seems to have worked well until recently. It has always let me see which sites have content about a specific word, however, these last few weeks it seems to have stopped working and I am getting really strange results.

Can anyone tell me why this might have stopped working of it there might be a better way of doing this?

I have a list of about 2000 sites and I like to check them all for content on varying subjects so the varying subject would be the keyword above.

As a test I just put in a site I know features the keyword heavily but it returned no results.


Hey James,

When you these queries on Google, do you get the still same results?

Hi - if i manually run the searches I am getting different results for some reason. It used to work as I did this a lot some months ago