Commuting time and Traffic congestion


I would like to get commuting time or traffic congestion data? anyone has any experience to scrape these data from Outscaper? Thanks

Hi @Lolita_Moorena,

Have you already tried this service: Google Maps Traffic Data Extractor - Free Tier | Outscraper?

Hello, I also want to use the Traffic Data Extractor; however, after I log in, I am unsure which part of the documentation refers to this specific functionality or if I can just use the Google Maps Data Scraper for that. I tried specifying “traffic” as the category in the Google Maps Data Scraper, but I did not get any results. Can you please point me in the right direction?

Hello @Alexander_Ciechonski,

Traffic is not a category on Google Maps. Here is the tutorial on how to extract traffic data (aka directions): How to Scrape Google Maps Traffic? | Outscraper.