Designing a Web Hook Automation

Hello Outscraper Community,

I use Outscraper to scrape GoogleMaps Data. I would like to create an automation that (1) when a task finishes (2) the excel/csv file is automatically delivered to a specific folder in my GoogleDrive.

I believe that a Webhook should work for this. Can somebody indicate to me how I can set this up using the Webhook Integration Feature? Or is there a digital tutorial you could forward me.

I’m quite a novice in the Webhook or API space, any help is really appreciated.

My thanks in advance

Hello @dcheq,
Welcome to the community!

Sure, you can achieve this using webhook, so every time your task is finished your API will receive a file.

We don’t have a direct integration with Google Drive yet, but as an alternative no-code solution, you can use Outscraper Zapier integration. Here you can find some tutorials about it:

Hey Vlad, thanks so much for getting back to me. I’m yet to test out using the Zapier Integration to transfer Outscraper results to my GoogleDrive, but I will most likely play with this in the coming months. I’ll let you know how my experience is. Thank you for the feedback.

Kind Regards,
Dominic C.

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