Exclude some types of emails from Email and Contacts Scrapper

Is there a way to exclude some type of emails like noreply@, your-email@ etc.?

Hello @rscooldesire,
Thank you for the request!

We’re adding logic to avoid such emails (noreply, no-reply, your-email, your-email-address). Meanwhile, if you can provide extra examples I’ll make sure we ignore them as well.

Hi, i am not able to post the complete list as it showing error that new users can post only 2 links, Also there is no option attached it as a file.

please assist how can send the list i have created

Hello @rscooldesire,

I assume you are not a new user anymore, could you please try to send it one more time? Otherwise, you can send a message here: Contact Us | Outscraper.

Previously i contacted the support team and they said to create a community topic. Also still i am getting the same error message while posting the list of emails to exclude. is there a way to attach the list as a file.

Sure, could you please upload it to Google Drive for example, and share a public link?