Getting an exhaustive list of businesses from Google Maps

I am trying to scrap pet-related services based in a particular geography, but not getting an exhaustive list of all businesses.

I can see google maps has more listings than the results returned by the query. I tried to increase the scope of my search by including more categories but still the result is not optimized. What could be the reason?

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Hey Meenakshi,

Can you please show us an example? I would like to help you about it.

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For example - I had run a query for pet boarding services in gurgaon. Refer to the screenshot for ‘Pups and Pals K9’. It was not included in query result.

Meenakshii, it can be about densely populated areas.

Can you please check: How to Scrape Densely Populated Areas and Categories From Google Maps? | Outscraper