Google Maps Data Scraper: Too many results outside the postcode in the query


I am new on this place, also my english is not the best.
I am trying to get all hotels etc. from a country by the postcode.
Using the outscraper.api with php and my api key
when I make a query for the api like
$query = [‘Hotel, 29303, Niedersachsen, DE’]
and the request like
$results = $client->google_maps_search_v1($query, “de”, “DE”, 500, 1, “”, 1, [“domains_service, emails_validator_service”]);

I get nearly 90 results, but the most of them have another postcode then the one I want (29303).
Can someone let me know, what to do?

thanks and sorry for my english


Hello Georg,
Thank you for your request!

If you open the query “Hotel, 29303, Niedersachsen, DE” on Google Maps you will see the same results outside your postal code. This is expected as Google might add similar results to your search.

There are a few ways to go:

  1. Try to learn about boolean search in Google and see if it works. (after my tests it didn’t work for hotels, but it worked for restaurants).
  2. If your general goal is to extract all the hotels, I would suggest creating a UI task with all possible zip codes. Therefore, your task will extract all possible hotels from all the zip codes. Please check this article for more information: How to Scrape Densely Populated Areas and Categories From Google Maps? | Outscraper.
  3. For UI tasks only, you can use filters. You can learn more about filters here: Google Maps Data Scraper Filters | Outscraper.

hey @vlad , is it possible to use all this filters via the API? and how to avoid limitations for 25 query per request? i have 10 categories and 35 locations i would like to search. if i use UI tool, i get 900 filtered and unique results, if a batch queries by 25 per api request, i get 16k results in overall where 15k is repeating.

  1. Filters work only in UI.
  2. Using UI task (exactly because of the duplicate problem).