Google Maps Reviews Scraper - query review content for names

Requesting the ability to bulk search google maps reviews for names.

For example:
I want to search for reviews with Outscraper but ONLY want reviews with Allen mentioned in them. Ideally this would be in bulk so if I have 50 companies and 50 names and I want to only pull reviews for each company that is tied to the relevant name.

Is this possible to implement?

Hello @Ben_Pope,

Thank you for your request! You do have the ability to use Reviews query search from Advanced parameters to search for “Allen” among the reviews content.

Hey Ben,

If you want to scrap the review based on whether a specific name or word is mentioned in the reviews, it is possible.

Whatever you type in the “Reviews query search” box in the advanced parameters menu on the Google Maps Reviews Scraper’s task creating page, only the reviews in which the word you typed will be scraped.