Google Maps scraper correct format for "working_hours"

Hi All,
I’m new to using Outscraper but like how easy it is to work with the Google Maps template. After getting the data downloaded, my developer states that he can’t upload the “working_hours” or the “working_hours_old_format” in the format that is supplied.

In the case of the “working_hours”, there is a vertical line in between each set of hours which make it unable to load it into separate fields (or columns) by day. Also, the open and close times should be in separate fields/columns to make it easier to upload into our site. Ideally, the data should be separated by only a “,” just like the “subtypes” column displays their data.

I can modify the data using formulas to extract the data in the proper format for our uses, but it will be quite time-consuming to do this for every category that we will need for our site. I’m hopeful that there is a way that your team can allow this data to be downloaded in a usable format straightaway.

In the meantime, does anyone have an idea of how to reformat the data easily to only have a comma as the delimiting factor?

Thanks for any and all help.


Thank you for your request!

working_hours is a JSON column that looks like this:

"Monday": "11:30 AM-3 PM,5-10 PM",
"Tuesday": "11:30 AM-3 PM,5-10 PM",
"Wednesday": "11:30 AM-3 PM,5-10 PM",
"Thursday": "11:30 AM-3 PM,5-10 PM",
"Friday": "11:30 AM-3 PM,5-11 PM",
"Saturday": "10 AM-3 PM,5-11 PM",
"Sunday": "10 AM-3 PM,5-9 PM"

It should be quite simple for any developer to parse it. But sure, what format do you want Outscraper to put this data to? Can you please give a specific example?