Google maps scraper: custom query with missing results in output file


I have a list of zoos from the US (193 records in total) and I’d like to get google maps data for them.
All of them are in the same format, looking like these examples:
Akron Zoo, Akron, Ohio
Alabama Safari Park, Hope Hull, Alabama
Alaska Zoo, Anchorage, Alaska
Ararat Ridge Zoo, Williamsburg Kentucky, Kentucky
Bronx Zoo, New York City, New York

In the “Business & POI” function of Outscraper I’m using the custom query option where I copied my zoo list.
I set the “Maximum results” to 0 (unlimited), set my language parameter to English and the “Places per one query” parameter to 1 as I just want to see the data for my given POIs.

When I ran my query I was informed that I should expect 193 results, but the output .xlsx file contained data only for 141 POIs. I didn’t understand why, because there was no difference in the input format.
Just out of curiosity I added the missing 52 records to Outscraper, and run the request again with the same parameters. Now it got me the data for 36 POIs from the 52 missing.
Then I did the procedure again, your tool returned data for 11 of the remaining 16 POIs.
And in the last round I feeded Outscraper the remaining 5 locations and got back the required data.

Overall, it took me 4 runs to recieve the google maps data for a small list with 193 elements.

I’m curious why does this happening in Outscraper? Why was it unable to export the information in the first round and had to go step by step?

Thank you in advance.

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Following, with great interest.