Google Scraper Accuracy?

How often is the Google Business scraper updated? I pulled a report for a chain restaurant and many of the review’s numbers, photos, etc are not reflecting what’s shown on each location’s Google profile.

Hello Joseph,

Each scraping task extracts the current data from Google Maps the same way you can see it on Google Maps without any cache. However, sometimes Google might not show the actual count of the reviews but only update the count periodically (for example daily).

If you can share some examples, we can take a closer look.

I ran web search by domain name. Reviews showing on the spreedsheet was off from what was being displayed on Google. I tried for a few other chains and the same thing.

The results from searches are the same as you would see by visiting a regular Google Maps site. However, in most cases, it’s recommended to use locations inside queries (e.g., bars, NY, USA) as the IP addresses of Outscraper’s servers might be located in different countries (Especially if the company is a chain).

I hope it does make sense!