Help creating query to chart commute times between two locations

I’d like to build a query that will either scrape historical dates/times to tell me the commute time between two locations, or schedule a query to run each day at a certain time and provide the output of the commute time between two locations. Is this possible? I also realize the Google Maps tool itself has this feature but it gives a range of commute times (i.e., 40 min to 1 hr 20 min). I am trying to get the precise time (i.e., 51 min) for a given date and time.


There is a task scheduler in Outscraper, but it searches with the same parameters every time it restarts. So I don’t know if it will suit your request.


I recommend you to create a sample task in Google Maps Traffic Extractor service. There you will see that duration is listed as minutes.


Please test the service and share the results with us :blush: