How to get a list of services from place?

Some Google Places have a tab “Services” to list the service type they provide, sometimes the price of the items in that list
Anyway to get them? That would be great if we could

Hello @curious,

Thank you for your question! Can you please provide a specific place example?

Usually, you can find this information in the column “about”, which looks like this:

          "Service options": {
            "Outdoor seating": true,
            "Curbside pickup": true,
            "Delivery": true,
            "Takeout": true,
            "Dine-in": true
          "Highlights": {
            "Fast service": true,
            "Great cocktails": true,
            "Great coffee": true,
            "Great dessert": true
          "Popular for": {
            "Breakfast": true,
            "Lunch": true,
            "Dinner": true,
            "Solo dining": true
          "Accessibility": {
            "Wheelchair accessible elevator": true,
            "Wheelchair accessible entrance": true,
            "Wheelchair accessible restroom": true,
            "Wheelchair accessible seating": true
          "Offerings": {
            "Alcohol": true,
            "Beer": true,
            "Cocktails": true,
            "Coffee": true,
            "Comfort food": true,
            "Happy hour drinks": true,
            "Happy hour food": true,
            "Hard liquor": true,
            "Healthy options": true,
            "Kids' menu": true,
            "Late-night food": true,
            "Organic dishes": true,
            "Quick bite": true,
            "Small plates": true,
            "Wine": true
          "Dining options": {
            "Breakfast": true,
            "Brunch": true,
            "Lunch": true,
            "Dinner": true,
            "Dessert": true,
            "Seating": true
          "Amenities": {
            "Bar onsite": true,
            "Good for kids": true,
            "High chairs": true,
            "Restroom": true,
            "Wi-Fi": true
          "Atmosphere": {
            "Casual": true,
            "Cozy": true
          "Crowd": {
            "Family-friendly": true,
            "Groups": true,
            "Tourists": true
          "Planning": {
            "Lunch reservations recommended": true,
            "Dinner reservations recommended": true,
            "Accepts reservations": true,
            "Usually a wait": true
          "Payments": {
            "NFC mobile payments": true
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sure, here is an example place :
There is a tab called “Services” between Overview and Reviews

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