Is real-time message capture supported by the OnlyFans API through Outscraper?

Hello everyone,
I’m interested in using the OnlyFans API through Outscraper to integrate it into my project.
I have some questions, and I’m hoping someone can provide me with information or guidance.
What functionalities are supported by the OnlyFans API through Outscraper?
Real-Time Message Catch: Is it possible to use the OnlyFans API via Outscraper to capture messages in real-time? I need a real-time data stream for my project, and I’d like to know if this functionality is supported.
If there are specific resources or documentation I can refer to, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you!

Hello @System_Engineer,

Here you can find the data dictionary for the scraper: OnlyFans Scraper - Free Tier | Outscraper
Currently, we don not have any integrations with real-time messages.