Missing Menu Link in Google Maps Data Scraper

When using the Google Maps Data Scraper I don’t get any Menu URLs. I am scraping restaurants in London and can’t find any of them. All the other information is accurate. Please advise.

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Thank you for the request!

The column menu_link extracted only for individual search queries, (e.g. “Hotel Colombo Berat”, “0x3e49a63f6b05fe3b:0xc73d6b1f31b2ccc8”). It will not be available when you search something like “restaurants, London, GB”.

One way you can go about it is by scraping search queries with multiple results (“restaurants, London, GB”) and after using the google_id column as a query to scrape the data the second time. Therefore, you will get multiple locations by your search queries, and after you will extract all the menu links for those locations.