Optimal Settings for Google Maps Data Scraper


I’m new to outscraper but I can’t seem to get the query good for my needs.

I need to find in category Paintball, archery, laser shooting and airsoft
I’m looking for all venues, shops, teams, fields.

I tried to do only one category at a time for a smaller area to test

I also changed language to English to have exact match available.
Before I tried in other language without exact match but I received +80% of non related results.

Example Airsoft has not many specific dropdown options. Only shop and stores.
When I search for “airsoft” in the area on google maps I get a wide list exactly how I would want to be scraped.
Once I use outscraper I entered airsoft but a lot of the search results I got from google directly are not scraped.

I’m really missing a lot of important results and before I use up again too many credits I would like to know what I do wrong or what I could do better?

I did not reach any limits because I had set max 100 results and 500 queries and the result gave me only 31 records.



Hey Yuri,

Can you share the links of 5 sample businesses that are completely your target and that you want to scrape? Let’s set optimal settings together with you.