Outscraper price overcharging

Dear community,

Has anyone else had the experience of being charged more than expected by Outscraper? According to their pricing plan, the estimated cost for scraping 1000 records is 3$. I have scraped a few thousand leads and been charged about 100$ for it. Can anyone relate to my problem or explain how their pricing technique works?

Thank you in advance!

Hey Julia, I have found that reporting such issues back to Outscraper very helpful. I explained to them what I did, what I was trying to accomplish, described the “search parameter” used, as well as, the “over” results that were not of any value. Outscraper has been overly generous to credit my account on some stupid mistakes I made. With lessons learned, I always narrow search using → Exact match (ignore other categories Google might add) → Location using Postal Codes (e.g 92008, 92009) → Advanced Parameters: business status = operational, verified = true, postal codes contain one of “92008”, “92009” — when extracting data I only use: “extract only emails & social”, “ignore without email” and “delete emails with duplicate”… … I ignore the more expensive features “Company Insight”, “Phone Owner” and “Validate email” (my verification is done elsewhere) – when first using Outscraper I was doing very-wide national searches with Google going outside desired categories with all the extended features (email verification, insights, phones) and was hit with over charges similar to you - I now create the most restrictive search parameter possible: set restrictive categories, set limited postal codes, with email, operational, postal codes contain ‘92008’, ‘92009’", exact match categories. Review your results. Did you run “Company Insight”, “Phone owner”, or “Validate email” ? Do you need these? This is where I mistakingly ran into big costs. I ramble too much, but I hope this helps. Outscraper is awesome.

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Thank you for the feedback @citytr.ee!

Hello @Julia_Meitina,

Scraping data from one source (e.g. Google Maps) has a fixed price usually per record. But usually, you want to enrich data with other services (e.g. Emails Scraper, WA checker, Company Insights), and this is where additional costs for those extra services might be added. Using additional enrichments is completely up to you, and you can see the price of each enrichment when selecting.

You can learn more on this page: Enrichment Services for Google Maps Scraper | Outscraper.