Scrape Social Media Contacts From Onlyfans

Hi Outscraper Team!

You have build an amazing Only Fans scraper but forgot to implement the most interesting stuff in the scrapes, social media channels!

I believe that this would be super beneficial as it gives us a way to reach out to the models.

Thanks in advance! And don’t forget to upvote if you agree!


Hey stanleywilles,

It is a quite good idea. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Hello @stanleywilles,
Thank you for the request, the feature will be available at the end of the next week.

The results will have usernames for each social available (if you need full links, please elaborate more on why, so we can add the full links in the future).

‘facebook’: ‘***anmunroe’
‘twitter’: ‘***anmunroe’
‘youtube’: ‘***anmunroe’
‘tiktok’: ‘***anmunroeofficial’
‘instagram’: ‘***anmunroeofficial’

Link to OnlyFans Scraper

Wauw that was quick haha. I just tried it and works awesome.

The way you take customer feedback serious and act upon it means a lot. Thanks so much Outscraper team!

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Thank you! We’re happy it’s working for you!
If you can share the feedback on Facebook, Trustpilot, Capterra, or Product Hunt, It will help us a lot :slight_smile:

Let us know if you need anything else!