Scraping All Locations With Using Zip Codes


I am trying to retrieve all the restaurants & bars from Belgium, but after running the Google Maps Data Scraper I am only getting about 12K results (while in reality there are more than 35K results). I selected the ‘Use Zip codes’ field, but this is not helping. Small cities that are returning more than 40 rows on Google Maps, are only returning about 10 rows through the scraper (so it has nothing to do with the 500 rows limit of Google Maps).

Who can help me? Thanks!


Are you sure that it should be 35K results? Could you
please talk to the support about this problem and send your task_id so we can check locations and categories? Also, you might want to check this directory to get the total number.

Additionally, please check out this article about scraping all the data from Google Maps by using zip codes.