Scraping Data Based on a Radius or Distance With Google Maps Scraper


How can i get results based on a radius or a distance?
What is the right query?


Hello @marchello19,

Please take a look at this topic: Search near Coordinates - #5 by vlad.

Hi @vlad

So its actually not possible to scrape with Outscraper? Only get results from Targetron, right?
If so, is there any plan to add this functionality into Outscrapter?

Google Maps Scraper extracts the data the same way it’s placed. It’s not possible to make such a search on Google.

Alternatively, you can play with coordinates parameter from API for the previous version of the scraper.

The parameter defines the coordinates of the location where you want your query to be applied.

It has to be constructed in the next sequence: @ + latitude + , + longitude + , + zoom (@41.3954381,2.1628662,15.1z). Often, you can find this value while visiting Google Maps.

*this is available only for API