Scraping for cold email campaign

I would like to scrape google maps for a cold email campaign. I am targeting small local business by star-ratings. I want all less than 3.9 to email to. I need business owners name (or manager name, or CFO) name. I need up to 3 business contact email addresses. A phone number would be nice, but since, this is cold email marketing, not needed. Walk me through this process? I have just joined, want a quick solution for small test email campaign, so I can learn how it works, and move forward. Thanks guys…looking forward to hearing back from you!


Choosing Outscraper to find local businesses is the right decision :slight_smile:

You can add a “rating” filter on Google Maps Data Scraper task to collect business which has ratings less than 3.9

Read for more information: Google Maps Data Scraper Filters | Outscraper

Additionally if you want to extract emails with your Google Maps scraping task, you need to add “Emails & Contacts Scraper” enrichment service.

Please read for more information: How to Extract Emails from Google Maps? | Outscraper

Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime when you need help. :blush::handshake: