Scraping Google Maps Data From Small Areas

Hi - I’m running as basic Google maps search and the results are not the same as I would get in a live search.

There are listings in the results that are from far outside the area I am searching.

I’m assuming there’s a bug but I can’t get a reply from support.

This has been an ongoing issue for months.

An example search is:

house clearance cheltenham

I set the location to United kingdom

Some of the results show services from London which is miles away.

My understanding is that Outscraper should return results the same as they are on a live Google maps search.

I cannot replicate the results I am getting from Outscraper in Google maps.

Please advise.

Hey, when we do a search for the query “house clearance service, Cheltenham, England, GB” here are the results on Google Maps:


It should be known that even if you search the same query again on the same computer, the list of businesses on the first page of the results in Google Maps may be different. But as you go to other pages, all final results are listed. Google Maps search results are dynamic. Google Maps does this on purpose for the user experience.

If it is not a densely populated area, Outscraper scrapes all results for you when “Maximum results limit” is set to 0. If you want to scrape all the results in a densely poupated area, I recommend checking out this tutorial: How to Scrape Densely Populated Areas and Categories From Google Maps?

The following parameters will be useful for this query:


Can you please test it and let us know? :blush::handshake:

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Hi - thanks for the follow up.

Yes, they are the results I get also - but not in Outscraper.

When I use Outscraper I get:

Coln Clearances - Cheltenham - GL50 1TY
Just Clear - Kingston upon Thames - KT2 7AL
Cheltenham Spa Clearance - Cheltenham - GL50 4SD
House Clearance Marylebone - London - NW1 4QG
Job Done Ltd - Cheltenham - GL51 9JZ
House Clearance - London - W9 3NA

As you can see, “Just Clear in Kingston Upon Thames” and “House Clearance Marylebone” should not be in the results for “house clearance cheltenham”.

Please advise.

Hello Iws,

Since Google Maps cannot list many results in small cities, it can show similar records from near and medium-far distances in the results list. You can create a “city” filter to prevent this.


Can you please check like that now? :slight_smile:

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@yunus I don’t believe that is the issue here.

Have you looked at the results I get in Outscraper and compared them to a live Google maps search?

When I search for “house clearance cheltenham” I get different results from a live search on Google than the results given by Outscraper.

There are several results in the outscraper file that are far outside the area.

I have tried several ways but I cannot replicate the outscraper results on Google maps.

Please advise.

Hey, this is what I see on Google Maps:


And this is what scraped by Outscraper:


Everything is good on me. Can you please show me your result file as a screenshot and the problem? Maybe it will be much more clear like that.