Scraping More Results from the Google Maps Query (Using Zipcodes)

I am scrapeing Google Maps.

There should be 2800 beauty salons in Mie, Japan, but I was only able to scrape 215.

The search query I used is as follows

English translation
“hair salon,Mie,Japan”

Why is it that only one-tenth of the number that actually exists can be scraped?
I have set my scrape limit at 5000, so the upper limit is not an issue.

Hello @Mori_Yuki,

There are no more than 500 places per one query search on Google Maps. For densely populated areas you might want to split your query into subqueries in order to get all the places inside. (e.g., restaurants, Brooklyn 11211, restaurants, Brooklyn 11215). To learn more about how to get all results please visit this article.