Seeking Advice on Identifying Turkish Supermarkets in a Specific Country


I’ve just come across the Outscraper software, and I’m really pleased with using it. I’m looking for some ways to simplify my search process. I’m a bit unsure about how to go about it.

Here’s the situation:
I’m aiming to locate supermarkets of a specific ethnicity within the country I’ve designated. For instance, I’d like to identify Turkish supermarkets in Germany. During my search, I’m focusing solely on the supermarket category and trying to identify the Turkish ones from the entire pool of supermarkets. It’s a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Sometimes, the store names might not be in Turkish. I usually discern this from the comments section, particularly those written in Turkish.

How can I effectively discover only Turkish supermarkets within the country I’ve chosen for this scenario?

I’ve thought about initially gathering a list of all supermarkets and then using the map review scraper app to narrow it down, but that involves handling a massive volume of data. Is there a simpler approach to tackle this?

Appreciate your help.

Hi Muaz!

You may be able to locate a Turkish supermarket by searching for keywords such as “Turkish grocery store,” “Turkish market,” or “Middle Eastern supermarket” in Google Maps Data scraper “customer category” search field. These keywords may assist you in locating stores that sell Turkish items or groceries. Unfortunately, Google Maps itself does not provide a filter to search for supermarkets or companies based on their ethnicity or the types of products they sell, such as “Turkish supermarket.” Instead, you can search for businesses based on their names, categories, or keywords.

Although, this might be a feasible feature in the future that allows for more specific searches based on ethnicity. I’ll definitely share this to our devs.

Thank you!