Selecting only fields of interest

Hello community, I’ve been testing the API service and it works really well, I bought some credits and I think it’s fair for what I’m requesting, particularly I tried the google_maps_search method and as you know it displays a lot of information, my question here is: Is there a way for me to get a json file with only the fields which I’m interested in, more specifically let’s see that I just wanna retrieve the name, full address, latitude, longitude, time_zone for all the results (business). Is that possible? I’ve attached a screenshot where I show the fields that I would want to get (enclosed by a red rectangle). I hope you can reply me because this is for a school project, thanks in advanced.

Hello @Ulises_Lizandro_Mis,

Thank you for your feedback! Sure, you can do this by using the fields parameter (e.g. &fields=query,name).

Please, let me know if it helps.