Too Many Locations Being Estimated? *Urgent*

I am looking to scrape from ONE postcode in England (postcode: BL0) that has been scraped already by somebody I paid for on Fiverr (using their own platform, which might be this one. I don’t know). They returned to me about 140 businesses relating to the exact categories that I, myself, have selected from this postcode, so I know how many locations should be returned.

However, when I come to scrape the data myself, the data estimate puts it at 13’000! which is worrying me. This is a rural area and there aren’t that many businesses here. Could somebody far more clever than me advise on what parameters I have got wrong possibly? Or could it be that this data estimate is liable to wrong by a factor of 100x. Many thanks in advance!

Please see screenshots below of all filters selected and data estimator.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 125721

Hello, @Packmoose
Thank you for your question!

You did everything right, but the scraper doesn’t know how many results it will be unless it actually extracts it. Therefore, it shows a very rough estimate based on the query (regardless of the actual location and category).

In order to find the exact number of places you can use this tool HUB | Business Directory. Alternatively, you can use a maximum results limit if you don’t want to go over some specific amount.