Webhook Integration Setting

I want to get Webhook response with 200 response that include data.
How can I solve that?

Hello @Black_Pam,

In order not to overload your API, the webhook contains the link to the result location only. for example:

  "id": "a-31dd70a8-2d54-4ce5-b1e0-a3642f581bc9",
  "user_id": "YOUR_USER_ID",
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "api_task": true,
  "results_location": "https://api.app.outscraper.com/requests/a-31dd70a8-2d54-4ce5-b1e0-a3642f581bc9",
  "quota_usage": [
      "product_name": "Emails And Contacts",
      "quantity": 1

Once you receive the wenhook, you can get the JSON by making an additional GET request to results_location that will include data.

Can you elaborate on why it’s important to get full data with the webhook?