Webhook response to Google Reviews Data is showing __NO__PLACE_ID

Hey folks,

We have integrated the Google Reviews API and once in while we see a webhook response which looks similar to this

Response received from outscraper {“id”:“a-543240de-09f3-45bc-aa79-43fad2385cfe”,“status”:“Success”,“data”:[{“query”:“ChIJV17J_NLO5zsR0_mTvEhSl28”,“place_id”:“NO_PLACE_FOUND”,“google_id”:“NO_PLACE_FOUND”,“reviews_data”:[]}]}

We are wondering why we are seeing NO_PLACE_FOUND . Any help is appreciated.


Hey @Bhavs_from_Freshrevi,
Thank you for your request and welcome!

NO_PLACE_FOUND - means the scraper was unable to find the place by your query. It can be a bug or it can be a wrong query format. Can you please share your query that is not working?

I have the same problem
The URL I use is Google Maps

Hi @Igor ,

Do you have any filters applied?

If you are using this link: “Google Maps” it should parse google_id (0x40d4cf022189edc1:0x98c40ea6f37bd67!5m3) and parse reviews.