Why it's asking for $10 for the first time (Free Tier)

Hi everyone, I’m very enthusiastic about this tool. I’m planning to scrape some business on Gmaps. but why is it always asking $10 for the first try scrape? ok i understand this won’t take payment for usage below the free tier, but it becomes NO
USEFUL for me if to try it you have to pay $10 the first time
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why is it always asking $10 for the first try scrape?

If you are a new user, the platform might ask you to deposit a minimum amount of credits ($10). Especially if you created a few accounts from the same email/IP, or you are using disposable emails. This helps us to validate your account and prevent misuse of the free tier.

You can talk to support if you think that the security requirement was created by mistake.

I hope it does make sense.
Thank you!

how to contact support?

  1. Log in to Outscraper Platform.
  2. Left menu > Help > Support

I’m trying to test the tool, and it charged me 10$ I paid through paypal, but the credits still don’t appear in my account for me to use. What is happening?

Hello @Webomega_Brasil,

Sorry for the inconvenience! I assume there was some problem with PayPal integration. Could you please talk to our support from the platform (Help > Support)? The support team will add credits manually.

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